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Building a relationship with someone that speaks a different language can be a challenge we are here to help you communicate with your dog in a positive way that will help you build that relationship.

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Dog Walking

Farnham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Fleet, Camberley, Hook, Alton,


Farnham GU10 4LJ


Nelson - 07733 152 043 Paula - 07543 572 057

Nelson Verde and Paula Soares are the directors of So Simple Dog Training.

At So Simple Dog Training you will find professional canine behaviourists and dog training experts, with many years of experience in all types of dogs and puppies.

We provide different services such as:
Dog training classes
Puppy classes
Single subject classes
One to one dog training
Dog Walking
Visit us in one of the So Simple Dog Training Centres or book a session in your home, no dog is too old or too young to start training.

So Simple Dog Training focuses not only on training dogs but also on providing you (the handler) with the tools to best understand, communicate and teach your dog.

We use positive training methods, supported by peer-reviewed scientific studies.

You will learn how to teach your dog using the best training available


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