Why Does My Dog… Dig in the Carpet?

What is it about carpet that seems to incite some dogs to want to ‘dig to China’? Do you cringe when you hear the telltale scrape of canine toenails furiously trying to scratch their way through your floor fibers? There may be simple explanations as to why some dogs may engage in this behavior.

Calming Signals: The Language of Dogs

Dogs, being group animals, have a language for communication with each other. Canine language in general consists of a large variety of signals using body, face, ears, tail, sounds, movement, and expression. If we study the signals dogs use with each other and use them ourselves, we increase our ability to communicate with our dogs.

Shock Collars – The Shocking Truth

There are many ‘quick fix’ products available to dog owners who wish to modify the behaviour of their pet. One such device is the electronic collar. So Simple Dog Training and The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors advises that the use of devices that rely on pain or discomfort to modify behaviour are inappropriate as they have the potential to seriously compromise the welfare of dogs, and ruin their relationship with their owners.